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UVLM Principles of Operation.

1. A machine master is made by first receiving an image from a previously generated Grating holographic image or Nano Structures that has
been saved or copied by electroplating and then supplied to the operator as a nickel shim, with a thickness of no grater then 120 micron.
For this converting purpose. The operator uses DiARTs proprietary method to position this image in an exact position. Using a supplied mounting.*Form and proprietary foil
2. Using the Form a Machine master is built using the foil sheet in such a manner and with a target platform to match the machine and image requirements.
(This process can take from 20 min to an hour to manufacture according to instructions using DiARTs supplied formed fixture).
3. The Machine Master is positioned and mounted using a * Camera mounted Microscope *Supplied as part of the support equipment.
4. In the process and coating room a sheet of 2mm Plexiglas is coated using DiARTs processes. * Laminators and coating equipment is supplied as part of the UVLM
processing equipment.
5. Using DiARTs * two part UV lacquer process coated by the above process on to 2mm Plexiglas. After this Plexiglas has finished this procedure it is mounted on the
Machine table, here after called the ‘work surface’.
6. * Taking the Machine Master made in number 1 and 2 and using the trained procedure and the supplied * mounting forms the master is mounted onto the * Printing Head.
7. Using the UVLM operators interface, the work surface is moved under the Print head to a pre programed controlled start position

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