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Kinetic Light Machine

DiARTs has continued to work on novel techniques, Solar Energy enhancing Nano Structures and Security Origination Systems hybrid reflection hologram was granted US patent 8482830 B2 in July 2013 and is being further developed with the help of a major photopolymer manufacturer. With the KLM we are moving beyond Dot Matrix from a two dimensional dot­based interference process to a direct write three dimensional construction method – Dot Matrix is a flat technology that gives the illusion of 3 dimensions, really there is little more that can be done with that system, (in Harris opion), limited as you are with the 2 dimensional matrix based system… to really move forward and work in three dimension you need a three dimensional system.
The 3 D world really opens up when you have the ability to form 3 Dimensional features. KLM forms structures in a proprietary developed photoresist using a ‘focused high­energy beam’ Focused to 100 nm, creating true volume features which can be sized from 100 nm up to 1.5 µm, using coated plates with an active area up to 150 x 150 mm (6 x 6”). We can't be any more specific about the source of the energy beam, other than saying it is comparable to But Not an E­beam technology, and that it will write a 150 x 150 mm active area in a few hours. With an accurately within 2 nano meters. The first version of the KLM a Security origination system was installed in a major corporation October this year. The first completely automated system will be finished and working in the DiArts facility, February 2015.

Some of the questions about holography which come to mind immediately might serve One of the immediate improvements of the Automated system over the basic KLM, now currently being constructed, will be real time energy control of the 100 nm focused energy, which will allow real­time controll of the intensity… allowing the KLM to vary the energy absorbed by the Photo Resist as it writes a feature; this will enable the origination of very complex structures. A very simple example; A pyramidal structure; constructed by this technology, can by varying the intensity from a high intensity energy beam first striking at the base of the pyramidal structure and varying the intensity to a lower intensity as it approaches the peak of the Pyramid, could create a controlled convex surface --- This will expand the dimensional control, this will be True 3ed dimensional creativity in the Nano world. The DiARTs High-Res direct write Technology is expandable further as a modular system, with the KLM beam­writer as the current 3D printer. Other modules, all under computer control, will interact with the operator to design the image (including covert and other specific features), coat, write,devlope, and then metallize, the photoresist can be have a varied thinkness. There is an automatic transport mechanism to move the plate through the machines modules, with the whole system as currently operated, the KLM vis controlled from a touch screen. Voice control is an option. List price for the individual modules or the complete system has not yet been fixed, this is because the development is current and continues. Programs can be varied or limited. Negotiation will remain open to all options and dependent on the customers requirements.

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