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This is OLD! Information, I think it was first put up over 15 years ago. Now even the updated information's is over 6 years old. Worth reading if you have the time; there is some real background information on the 'Light Machine" The first Dot-Matrix imaging system (.) commercially available and first in production 1991…. Was not successfully ripped off until 1994 …. Don't you know the Taiwanese & Chinese and "believe this" the English! copied the idea and most of the workings; (You know who you are!). Dimensional as it was doing business is no longer in in operation. Having sold all its' technology in 2001; bought by the Chicago conglobed ITW corp. Never the less, as an old friend likes to say,.. 'One door closes, another one opens!

You all come back now. This site is being revamped, be vamping, for 'Holocom Inc' They will be cooking… Dude!

Dimensional Arts & HoloCom Inc.

Don't be Left with Old Impressions!

Dimensional Arts, Inc., manufacturer of the patented Light Machine digital holographic printer, and HoloCom Inc., the first name in holographic technology transfers, have recently joined forces to bring the most complete line of holographic equipment, training, and services to the world marketplace. Holographic services include custom and stock Dotz dot-matrix patterns; conventional pseudo color or true color 2D/3D holograms; monochromatic, achromatic, or pseudo color 3D holograms, true color 3D digital stereograms, or any combination of the above for security, promotional, or artifacts applications. Technology packages range from individual machines to fully integrated turnkey facilities comprised of any combination of the following:

Photoresist Spin Coating - The manufacture of photoresist plates for holographic mastering.
Computerized Artwork Preparation - High resolution color scanner, state-of-the-art computer system with all software, and printer for previewing artwork.
Computerized High Resolution Color Separation Printing - 1200 DPI printer to output color separations on transparencies for the production of masks for holographic origination.
Mask Preparation for Holographic Mastering - High resolution camera for converting transparencies to High Resolution Plates for holographic mastering.
Computerized Dot-Matrix Holographic Printer - Patented Dotz technology for producing kinetic holographic patterns and images viewable in 360 degrees.
High Resolution Dot-Matrix Holographic Printer for Security Applications - Modified version of the Light Machine holographic printer. The security model has high resolution output and dot-shape control for added levels of security.
Holographic Mastering Laboratories - Single and multi-table laboratories for the production of achromatic, pseudo color, and true color 2D/3D and 3D holograms in photoresist.
Holographic Stereogram Generating Systems - Film type and digital LCD stereogram holographic camera system for production of full color 3D holograms and full color 3D animated holograms in photoresist.
Elecroforming Systems for Narrow Web Embossing Applications - Electroless nickeling, and two and three tank electroforming systems for nickel mastering, replicating, and shimming out to 12".
Computerized Electroforming for Wide Web Applications - State-of-the-art computerized electroforming system for the production of wide web shims.
Computerized Mechanical Recombining Systems - Computerized system for stepping out holographic images and patterns of up to 4" x 4" out to 60" or more.
Narrow Web Embossing Machines - A modified version of the double hit rotary embossing machine for the production of embossed polyester or hot-stamping foil out to 12" web width.
Wide Web Embossing Machines - A revolutionary new design for wide web embossing of polyester and hot foil out to 40", and a new soft embossing machine for wide web production on metalized paper, PVC, OPP, and hot foil out to 72".
Converting Equipment for Hot Stamping and Die Cutting - A modified Franklin press designed to cut or stamp in register with multiple web feeds.

No other company can offer the range of products and equipment with the level of training supplied by Dimensional Arts and HoloCom Inc..

About the Companies

Dimensional Arts, Inc. is the culmination of over 6 years of research into new holographic technologies and new applications of existing technologies making The Dimensional Arts a leader in the industry. With one of the most important patents for holography since the invention of the laser, and additional patents pending; The Dimensional Arts and its licensed clients will enjoy technological advantages through the year 2010.

In addition to technology and machine sales, The Dimensional Arts offers custom originations featuring the latest in innovative imaging techniques. The Dimensional Arts also works with the leading companies in the embossing industry for domestic and international production runs with web widths of up to 72 inches. Good working relationships with others in the industry provides access to patented technologies making The Dimensional Arts one of the most versatile companies in the industry.

Don't Get the Wrong Impression

HoloCom Inc. is headed by the former Technical Director and co-founder of Light Impressions Europe, Mr. Ken Harris. HoloCom Inc. is an industry leader in holographic imaging, production, and technology transfers, backed by over 15 years of experience in the industry. The experience and know-how of Ken Harris that helped Light Impressions set the world standard for embossed holographic services and training is now available through HoloCom Inc..

HoloCom Inc. is currently involving itself in technology transfers and joint ventures throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East; though its services are available anywhere on the globe. All set-up and training takes place under the direct supervision of Ken Harris, one of the pioneers of photoresist holography, so quality and reliability are assured. HoloCom Inc. offers the highest quality equipment and training and has established stable pricing for technology transfers.



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Photo-resist Spin Coating

An important part of operating a fully integrated embossed hologram manufacturing facility is the manufacture of photo-resist plates. While commercial photoresist plates are available, they have two major drawbacks. First is that they are very expensive, costing about US$50 for an 8" X 10" plate. Second is sensitivity. Commercial photo-resist plates are designed for exposure to ultraviolet light in the 320nm range.

Dimensional Arts' custom photoresist formula is more sensitive to the lower frequencies of the visible spectrum, allowing shorter exposure times. Photo-resist plates made with Dimensional Arts' proprietary spinning techniques cost little more than the glass plates from which they are made!

The chart below shows the sensitivity of Dimensional Arts' custom photoresist formula by specific frequencies of light. The Helium Cadmium Laser operates at 442nm and the Argon Ion Laser operates at 458nm. Even with the increased sensitivity of Dimensional Arts' formula, the low frequency of the argon laser is outside of the spectral output range and requires super high power and long exposure times to equal the image quality of the Helium Cadmium laser.

Computerized Artwork Preparation System

The HoloCom Inc.' Computerized Artwork Preparation System includes the state of the art computer system* in your choice of operating systems, customized for use for holography applications; a Umax high resolution color scanner; and appropriate software.
* Limited to U.S. export restrictions.

Computerized High Resolution Color Separation Printer

HoloCom Inc. offers a 1200+ DPI printer designed to work with the artwork preparation computer above. The printer produces color separation transparencies for the creation of masks for use in shooting pseudo color or true color 2D/3D holograms.

High Resolution Transfer Camera

The HoloCom Inc. High Resolution Transfer Camera makes masks and blockers from the transparencies created on the artwork preparation system and printed on the High Resolution Printer listed above.

The Dimensional Arts' Light Machine

The Dimensional Arts' Light Machine is the fifth generation computerized holographic printer based on the patented technology invented in 1986 by Frank S. Davis. Ideal for soft security printing applications, The Light Machine uses The Dimensional Arts' patented technology to create unique patterns and images based on repeatable codes with infinite variations, as well as scanning capabilities and special drawing software for custom computerized imaging capabilities.

The Dimensional Arts' Light Machine operates as a stand alone unit offering computerized push button origination capabilities that require minimal training to operate. Images created on the Light Machine cannot be duplicated by conventional holographic imaging technologies, or on a Light Machine without the proper codes. The Dimensional Arts' Light Machine is the ultimate in security printing technology combining the security of holography with the ease of push button computer control.

The Dimensional Arts Light Machine is comprised of an optical bridge which processes the beam from a Liconix 15 mW HeCd Laser, mounted on a Newport Isolation Workstation; and high precision stages driven by a digital interface all controlled by an IBM PS/1 computer system. Images for the machine can be scanned into the computer on the UMAX High Resolution Color Scanner, included, or they can be created in Adobe Photoshop. The image file can also be used to create masks for mixing the dot matrix images and patterns with conventional 2D, 2D/3D, 3D, Stereogram holograms, and white or controlled grating registration marks and lines. Custom software, created by The Dimensional Arts converts the image and allows the image to be previewed on the screen before it prints it out on the Light Machine

. Images created on the Light Machine are unique in that they can be viewed under any lighting condition, and are kinetic. Kinetic holograms provide movement over the surface of the image as the viewing angle changes, providing bursts of color and normal or reversed parallax. The basic model Light Machine has a maximum resolution of over 200 DPI and operates at over 4 dots per second. It is 36" x 36" x 48" high, is not vibration sensitive under normal circumstances, and runs on standard line voltage from most any wall plug (110v). It requires a source of compressed air for periodic refills of the air tank for the isolation legs of the workstation. The Light Machine requires minimal training and can be operated by anyone who can operate a personal computer.

For Hard security applications, the security model Light Machine offers a maximum of 400 DPI resolution with The Dimensional Arts' patented Dot Shape Control*. Dot Shape control allows the predetermination of the actual shape of the dots comprising the image. Any solid geometric shape can be used to readily differentiate the dots of one machine from the next, adding a second level of security to the image. The security model Light Machine also includes a selection of three registered angle writing heads for color mixing. Each registered angle is unique to the machine with which it is sold, and adds a third level of security making the security model Light Machine the most secure holographic printing system yet developed. Sale of the security model Light Machine is reserved only for legitimate security printers.

American Bank Note Holographics purchased this machine for the production of the new credit card and other high security applications.

For more information contact: Ken Harris,
The Dimensional Arts Inc.
The HoloCom Group,
401 Carver Rd.,
Las Cruces,
New Mexico,
88005, U.S.A.
Phone: (505) Fax:(505)
e-mail: arts@holo.com

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