Holograms Security

- Holograpics News Letter - - - -

This breakthrough technology, matched only by the first ever Dot Matrix machine, first introduced by Dimensional Arts Inc. Houston in 1990 (Know then simply as the ‘Light Machine’). At that time, Dot Matrix technology was unknown to the Holographic Industry. The Swiss company DiARTs AG S.A has now superseded the company Dimensional Arts Inc. The name has changed but the owner is still Ken Harris and the technology is still groundbreaking. This is totally new origination technology, computer controlled and fully A.I. robotically operated. No reason to touch the Holographic Plate until finished. There are NO dots, No need for any constructive interference and No Holographers! Only Blazing Gratings or if you feel like breaking some ground yourself, Nano Structures. The only technology that even comes close to the versatility and abilities of this technology is the E-Beam… The KLM costs a fraction of the E-Beam and requires No Scientists.

DiArts S.A.