Holograms Security

Alice, Principles of Operation

Alice is a Robotic Holographer... She uses our direct imaging system. The KLM, with it\\\\\\\'s new origination technology it is now possible to construct Nano Structures or draw high quality gratings; as designed by our included custom originating software the OVD Creator. Alice is unmatched in imaging quality with the direct Imaging technology (KLM) she can literally draw in 3 Dimensions. The KLM has an unmatched addressable Spot size of 40nm. Alice’s Robotic Systems are capable of complete control over the origination process; From optical flat to finished Master nothing is left to chance. Alice’s Robodic Systems are capable of complete control over the origination process.

Once the structure is drawn by controlled powered photonics, Alice delivers the plate to the developing station. After our proprietary developing process, a post curing is carried out as required for the custom profitable material. The process then finishes with ElectroPlating; with a metal that can be chosen to the requirement of the replication method. Alice will then repack in a sealed container and deliver the finished plate to the exit station; notification email to the operator that the plate is ready for collection can be sent if required. For the first time in the origination process of Nano structures or high resolution security Holograms, the operator does not need to be a trained Holographer or a highly educated technologist (as required by the E-Beam systems) to construct Nano Structures. Alice exercises a much higher level of control over the Grating structures and Micro Structures, while they are being constructed, then any Human operator.

Over view of the process: Once the structure is designed using our custom software the operator loads an optically flat glass plate into the Alice load gate. The coating of Photo Resist, (or if required photo profileable material) begins the automatic process. Coating thickness is controlled by software and then checked by Alice\\\'s automatic systems. Once coated the optical flat is delivered to the Pre-Curing station. Whether a standard Photo Resist or the custom photo profitable material, normally a controlled pre-cure is required and is now carried out by Alice under the control of a pre-formatted menu. After cooling, Alice delivers the now coated optical blank to the KLM.

The entire process is handled under compete control of all variables, Within Alice, Temperature and Humidly and a Monitored class 1000 Atmosphere is maintained throughout the origination process. If you have any experience in constructing Micron structures using the old E-Beam technology, you know that the control of all variables is required while building these small structures. Any structures build in the Micron size range, demands full control of the photo profileable material; thickness, uniformity and quality in a timely reliable exposure. Precise control over the Developing process is a requirement and up until now a Human variable that can destroy an otherwise flawless structure. Now with the control that Alice has over the developing process it is no longer a human variable, but under the control of robotic systems and are flawless every time. Power control at the exposure point, Temperature and Humidly stability throughout the process of origination is essential and easily maintained inside Alice. With the Alice Robotic system, you have complete reliability and the control required to enable the construction of the Micro Master, first time, every time. Ken Harris CEO. 28th July 2016

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